/rô/ juice

IMG_4031As you can tell it has been a VERY long time since our last post. You may know, we have been busy on another venture and sadly neglected/ have not had time to update our blog. So here it is, /rô/ juice (pronounced “raw”) is the company we have started. It has taken off more quickly than expected and it has been a tremendous amount of work but it is all worth it.

We are producing, bottling and selling 100% organic, cold-pressed juice. There is no pasteurization and no sugar or water added, it is simply fruit and vegetable juice bottled up with loads of health benefits, and of course amazingly delicious! We have been taking online orders and shipping throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

Since all of us sisters and our roommate/ good friend, are now living under one roof we decided what better time to do what we have always talked about doing, start a company! So please, check us out at rojuice.com , follow us on instagram, twitter, and facebook! More updates to come!ro fam bw (1)

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